High quality fundamental research with a keen eye for application.

Utrecht Research Institute for Information and Computing Sciences

In our modern society, the digital and physical worlds are tightly intertwined. They interact with each other even in the smallest aspects of our daily lives. This results in many conveniences, but it’s also a constant source of new – and often fundamental – challenges in the field of information and computing sciences.

In our constantly changing (digital) society, the Utrecht research Institute for Information and Computing Sciences researches both novel and feasible ways to push the frontiers in science and applications. This makes us scientifically and socially relevant.


Scientific director Institute for Information and Computing Sciences:


Ivo Gabe de Wolff
20 January 2016
Best first-year Bachelor's student Computer Science of Utrecht University
v.l.n.r. Timon Knigge, Ragnar Groot Koerkamp en Harry Smit
16 December 2015
Harry Smit, Timon Knigge and Ragnar Groot Koerkamp beat out 92 other teams at the Northwestern Europe Regional Contest.
Dr. Frans Wiering
27 November 2015
Wiering will focus on the collaboration between researchers in the humanities and computer sciences and on developing a Digital Humanities strategy.
18 September 2015
Researchers from Utrecht University have developed an app that helps users learn to sleep better.
4 September 2015
The graduate program Game Research is funded by NWO