Detector Development

Upgrade of the Inner Tracking System

For the next generation of measurements within the ALICE experiment, the Inner Tracking System (ITS) will be replaced by upgraded detectors. We take part in the R&D process of this new silicon detector system, which will be based on newly developed CMOS sensors. The new ITS will be unique in its tracking precision and its lightweight design.  (contact: P. Kuijer)

The Forward Calorimeter Proposal in ALICE

We have initiated the development of a new type of detector for the measurement of high-energy photons. The detector will be an extremely high-granularity calorimeter built from tungsten plates and silicon sensors. We have built a prototype of such a detector, which sets world records for its granularity (i.e. a cell size of 30x30µm2) and its small Molière radius. This prototype is undergoing test measurements with cosmic rays and with test beams at accelerators. We are also developing the design for a detector based on this principle as a proposed upgrade for the ALICE experiment: the Forward Calorimeter (FoCal). (contact: M. van Leeuwen, T. Peitzmann)