Our group is a genuine part of Nikhef, a national collaboration of a FOM institute in Amsterdam and several universities coordinating particle physics activities. In addition, we are part of a worldwide research network, with a strong connection to the leading particle physics research center CERN in Geneva. Within the area of quark-gluon plasma research our group has taken part in pioneering collaborations at CERN, like the experiments NA49, NA57 and WA98, and in the STAR experiment at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at Brookhaven National Laboratory in the USA. 

Our current main activities are performed within the ALICE collaboration at CERN, where we work together with ≈1500 researchers from 37 countries. To perform our research we make use of frequent exchanges of researchers with many countries. Periodic scientific discussions are routinely done via video- and phone-conferences.

For the development of new detectors we have established close collaboration with a.o.

  • CERN, Strasbourg (France), … (for the ITS upgrade)
  • Bergen (Norway), Tsukuba (Japan), Sao Paolo (Brazil), … (for the FoCal detector)