IMAU Publications 2013


  1. 21 January 2013 - G. Pieterse
    Modelling the global tropospheric molecular hydrogen cycle
    Promotores: prof.dr. T. Roeckmann and prof.dr. M.C. Krol
  2. 11 February 2013 - J.T.M. Lenaerts
    Drifting snow climate of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets
    Promotor: prof.dr. M.R. van den Broeke
    Co-promotor: dr. E. van Meijgaard
  3. 20 March 2013 - M. den Toom
    Thermohaline feedbacks in ocean-climate models of varying complexity
    Promotor: H.A. Dijkstra
  4. 14 June 2013 - R.J.J. Stappers
    Towards high resolution data assimilation and ensemble forecasting
    Promotor: H.A. Dijkstra
    Co-promotor: dr. J. Barkmeijer
  5. 6 November 2013 - J.H. van Angelen
    The Greenland ice sheet in a warming climate
    Promotor: prof.dr. M.R. van den Broeke
    Co-promotor: dr. W.J. van de Berg


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