IMAU Publications 2010

IMAU Publications 2010


  1. 8 January 2010 – I. Vigano
    Aerobic methane production from organic matter

    Promotor : prof. dr. T. Roeckmann
  2. 13 January 2010 – S.L. Axelsen

    Large-eddy simulation and analytical modelling of katabatic winds
    Promotor: prof. dr. J. Oerlemans

    Co-promotor: dr. H. van Dop
  3. 18 January 2010 – P.M. van der Werf
    Variability of the Mozambique Channel throughflow
    Promotor: prof. dr. W.P.M. de Ruijter
    Co-promotor: prof. dr. P.J. van Leeuwen
  4. 20 January 2010 – M. Shongwe
    Seasonal climate extremes: mechanisms, predictability and
    response to global warming.

    Promotor: prof. dr. B.J.J.M. van den Hurk
    Co-promotor: dr. G.J. van Oldenborgh
  5. 12 March 2010 – J. Hazewinkel
    Attractors in stratified fluids
    Promotor: prof. dr. L.R.M. Maas and prof.dr. A. Doelman
    Co-promotor: dr. S.B. Dalziel
  6. 14 April 2010 – J. Ettema
    The present-day climate of Greenland: A study with a regional
    climate model

    Promotor:prof. dr. M.R. van den Broeke
    Co-promotor: dr. E. van Meijgaard
  7. 5 July 2010 – L.M. Frankcombe
    The Atlantic multidecadal oscillation in models and observations
    Promotor: H.A. Dijkstra
    Co-promotor: dr. A.S. von der Heydt
  8. 1 October 2010 – A.E. Sterk
    Atmospheric variability and the Atlantic multidecadal oscillation
    Promotor: prof.dr. H.W. Broer, prof.dr. C. Simó and H.A. Dijkstra
  9. 18 October 2010 – M.F. de Jong
    Hydrographic variability in the Irminger Sea
    Promotor: prof.dr. J.T.F. Zimmerman
    Co-promotor: dr. H.M. van Aken
  10. 8 December 2010 – E. Bernsen
    A new approach to the spin-up problem in ocean-climate models
    Promotor: H.A. Dijkstra
  11. 15 December 2010 – Y.B.L. Hinssen
    The impact of the stratosphere on tropospheric climate
    Promotor: J.D. Opsteegh
    Co-promotor: dr. A.J. van Delden
  12. 21 December 2010 – S.E. Huisman
    On multiple equilibria of the global ocean circulation and the preference for North Atlantic sinking
    Promotor: prof.dr. W.P.M. de Ruijter and H.A. Dijkstra
    Co-promotor: dr. A.S. von der Heydt


Reviewed Scientific Publications

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