IMAU Publications 2001

IMAU Publications 2001


  1. Bonekamp, J.G. - 1 februari 2001 - On the physical air-sea fluxes for climate modeling - Promotor: prof.dr. G.J. Komen
  2. Denby, B. - 19 maart 2001 - Modelling and interpretation of turbulent fluxes in katabatic flows: applications to glaciers and the Greenland ice sheet - Promotor: prof.dr. J. Oerlemans; co-promotor: dr. W. Greuell
  3. Ganzeveld, L.N. - 12 februari 2001 - Surface-atmosphere trace gas and aerosol exchanges on the global scale - Promotores: prof.dr. J. Lelieveld, prof.dr. A.A.M. Holtslag.
  4. Katsman, C.A. - 9 mei 2001 - Internal variability of the wind-driven ocean circulation - Promotor: prof.dr. W.P.M. de Ruijter; co-promotores: dr. S.S. Drijfhout, H.A. Dijkstra
  5. Lange, L.A. - 12 februari 2001 - Aircraft-borne trace gas measurements during the STREAM 98 campaign - Promotor: prof.dr. J. Lelieveld; Co-promotor: prof.dr. G. Helas
  6. Los, A. - 8 januari 2001 - Effects of boundary-layer cloud inhomogeneities on solar radiation - Promotor: prof.dr. J. Lelieveld; co-promotor: dr. P.G. Duynkerke
  7. Tijm-Reijmer, C.H. - 24 september 2001 - Antarctic Meteorology: a study with automatic weather stations - Promotor: prof.dr. J. Oerlemans
  8. Schmeits, M.J. - 8 juni 2001 - Bimodality and internal variability of the Gulf Stream and the Kuroshio - Promotor: prof.dr. W.P.M. de Ruijter; co-promotor: H.A. Dijkstra
  9. Van Dijk, S. - 11 juni 2001 - Nitric oxide emissions from soils: effects of deforestation - Promotor: prof.dr. J. Lelieveld
  10. Van Enckevort, I.M.J. - 14 november 2001 - Daily to yearly nearshore bar behaviour. Promotor: prof.dr. J.H.J. Terwindt; co-promotor: dr. A. Kroon


Reviewed Scientific Publications

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