IMAU Publications 1997

IMAU Publications 1997


  1. Crone, G.C. - 29 September 1997 - Parallel Lagrangian Models for Turbulent Transport and Chemistry - promotor: W. Lourens, copromotor: dr. H. van Dop
  2. Galmarini, S. - 7 March 1997 - Turbulent transport of nitrogen oxides in the atmospheric boundary layer - Promotor: P.J.H. Builtjes, copromotores: dr. H. van Dop, dr. J. Vilà-Guerau de Arellano
  3. Knap, W.H. - 17 December 1997 - Satellite-derived and ground-based measurements of the surface albedo of glaciers - Promotor: prof.dr. J. Oerlemans
  4. Kranenborg, E.J. - 6 October 1997 - Double-diffusive convection due to lateral thermal forcing - Promotor: prof.dr. W.P.M. de Ruijter, copromotor: dr. H.A. Dijkstra
  5. Lenderink, G - 20 October 1997 - Physical mechanisms of variability of the thermohaline ocean circulation - Promotor: prof.dr. W.P.M. de Ruijter, copromotor: dr. R.J. Haarsma
  6. Molemaker, M.J. - 17 September 1997 - Thermohaline flows on different scales - Promotor: prof.dr. W.P.M. de Ruijter, copromotor: dr. ir.H.A. Dijkstra
  7. Renssen, H. - 24 January 1997 - The climate during the Younger Dryas stadial - Promotores: prof.dr. E.A. Koster, prof.dr. C.J.E. Schuurmans, copromotor: dr. M. Lautenschlager
  8. Schuttelaars, H.M. - 3 november 1997 - Evolution and stability analysis of bottom patterns in a tidal embayment - Promotores: prof.dr. A. van Harten, prof.dr. W.P.M. de Ruijter, copromotores: dr. A. Doelman, dr. H.E. de Swart
  9. Van der Toorn, R. - 1 October 1997 - Geometry, angular momentum and the intrinsic drift of oceanic monopolar vortices - Promotor: prof.dr. J.T.F. Zimmerman
  10. Vellinga, M. - 24 February 1997 - Bifurcations and dynamics of the ocean's thermohaline circulation - Promotores: prof.dr. W.P.M. de Ruijter, C.B. Vreugdenhil
  11. Wolf, F.C.J. - 14 November 1997 - Hydrodynamics, Sediment Transport and Daily Morphological Development of a Bar-Beach system - Promotor: prof.dr. J.H.J. Terwindt


Reviewed Scientific Publications

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Reports, books and other publications

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