Current Courses

The Institute for Marine and Atmospheric research Utrecht is responsible for the following courses taught at Bachelor's level and Master's level:

Bachelor's courses
Climate change in Context

Course code: BETA-B1KLC
Course level: 1
Description: The focus of this course is construction of a simple climate model with elements from physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics.

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Atmosphere Ocean Dynamics

Course code: NS-157B
Course level: 1
Description: The course uses general physics and dynamics equations to describe currents and circulation patterns in the atmosphere and the ocean.

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Fluid dynamics

Course code: NS-265B
Course level: 2
Description: In this course the mathematical description of fluid dynamics is discussed. Core of the course is the transport of mass, impuls and energy in these fluids.

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Climate dynamics

Course code: NS-264B
Course level: 2
Description: This course addresses the theory and history of the Earth's climate system (global energy balance, mean circulation, hydrological cycle, climate sensitivity).

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Geophysical fluid dynamics

Course code: NS-353B
Course level: 3
Description: This course gives an introduction in modelling and analysing the (complex) currents in atmosphere and oceans.

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Turbulence in fluids

Course code: NS-376B
Course level: 3
Description: This course offers the basic knowledge on turbulent fluid flows and their (numerical) modelling.

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Master's courses
Dynamical Oceanography

Course code: NS-MO401M (Compulsory)
Description: The application of geophysical fluid dynamics to large-scale ocean circulation is used to describe wind-driven and thermohaline ocean circulation, adjustment to changes through planetary waves and barotropic/baroclinic instabilities.

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Dynamical Meteorology

Course code: NS-MO402M (Compulsory)
Description: The application of geophysical fluid dynamics to atmospheric weather phenomena enables us to understand the formation and dynamics of sea-breeze systems, thunderstorms, fronts and cyclones.

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Atmospheric composition

Course code: NS-MO405M (Compulsory)
Description: Surface emissions and chemical transformations determine the composition of the atmosphere. Consequently, they affect air quality and the earth’s energy balance.

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ABL, Transport and Mixing

Full title: Boundary Layers, Transport and Mixing
Course code: NS-MO412M
Description: In this course processes in the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL), the lowest ~10% (~1 km) of the atmosphere will be addressed. We will discuss a.o. turbulent exchange, surface exchange processes and different types of boundary layers. The second part is concerned with the question how radiative processes, the water vapour cycle and large scale mixing determine the seasonal cycle of temperature and wind on a global scale in the atmosphere.

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Ice and Climate

Course code: NS-MO427M
Description: This course addresses the dynamics of glaciers and ice sheets (deformation, thermodynamics, models, mass balance, information from ice cores).

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Ocean waves

Course code: NS-MO428M
Description: This course addresses both tidal waves (tidal forcing, free and forced long waves) and wind waves (free and forced short waves, spectrum, prediction).

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Current themes

Full title: Current themes in climate change
Course code: NS-MO434M
Description: In this course the scientific evidence of human-caused climate change is reviewed by studying the UN-report on climate change (IPCC).

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NIOZ Marine master course

Course code: NS-MO446M
Description: Integrated sea-going course; organised by NIOZ.

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Full title: Simulation of ocean, atmosphere and climate
Course code: NS-MO501M (Compulsory, research part)
Description: In this course the students gain practical experience with numerical models that are used in the study of the different components of the climate system.

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Full title: Making, analyzing and interpreting observations
Course code: NS-MO502M (Compulsory, research part)
Description: In this course the students gain practical experience with different types of field measurements.

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