Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis Group

The research in the Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis group involves synthesis, characterization and performance of well-defined solid catalysts and related functional materials for gas storage and photochemical conversion processes. Strongholds are catalyst synthesis techniques and advanced spectroscopy for the study of catalyst materials under working conditions.


Universiteitsweg 99
3584 CG Utrecht
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)30 253 7400

Bert Weckhuysen

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis

Krijn de Jong

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis


14 July 2016
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24 June 2016
Interview with Carmine Ortix and Florian Meirer about their Vidi research grant.
Bert Weckhuysen geeft college bij de Universiteit van Nederland
13 May 2016
Why shouldn’t you eat the tip of your ice cream cone? Bert Weckhuysen at the Universiteit van Nederland