Both Bachelor and Master students are welcome for research projects.

Contact Pieter Bruijnincx for more information on possibilities of doing a student project in our group.

In our group we work on

  1. the design and controlled synthesis of catalyst materials,
  2. testing the catalyst materials in known as well as newly-developed conversion processes, and
  3. the extensive characterization of the complex catalyst materials using advanced spectroscopic and microscopic techniques.

The type of conversions studied range from Fischer-Tropsch type reactions, typical petrochemical conversions such as Fluid Catalytic Cracking or propane dehydrogenation, methanol synthesis, conversion of biomass components such as lignin or renewable oxygenates to valuable chemicals, solar fuels production by water splitting, reversible gas storage and many more.

The research projects thus range from being at the interface of organic/inorganic chemistry to projects taking much more of a physical chemistry approach.

More information about research projects and details on research topics can be found here