At the Institute for Marine and Atmospheric research Utrecht the following vacancies are open for application:

Tenure Track position

Tenure Track position Atmospheric Isotope Physics (0.8 - 1.0 FTE)


At the Institute for Marine and Atmospheric research Utrecht (IMAU), a tenure track position in Atmospheric Isotope Physics is available in the Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry Group (APCG). It is aimed to support and complement the current strengths of the research group in the development and application of innovative isotope measurement techniques to a wide range of scientific questions in atmospheric research. The position is funded by the Netherlands Earth System Science Center (NESSC) and closely related to the novel high-resolution, high-sensitivity, isotope ratio instrument MAT 253 ULTRA that is available at IMAU. The candidate will have access to a world leading isotope laboratory dedicated to atmospheric research. Read more.

Postdoc position

Mean and Extreme Sea Level Projections in Climate Services for Coastal Adaptation (1,0 FTE)

The main task is to generate sea level projections with emphasis on the Maldives and French Polynesia. Projections will be performed with a stochastical tool, SEAWISE developed at IMAU and improved during this project. It combines the various components, which are based on climate output data. The project is carried out within a European consortium aiming to develop climate services for coastal adaptation. Read more.

PhD position

Dynamics and climatic imprint of the early Antarctic Circumpolar Current (1.0 FTE)

The Cenozoic greenhouse-to-icehouse transition is characterised by the appearance of Antarctic ice sheets at the Eocene-Oligocene boundary, followed by variable ice sheets and final stabilisation during the Mid-Miocene transition. The concurrent emergence of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) is suggested to be a crucial aspect in Antarctic ice sheet development, but its exact role is still debated. Read more.