The department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning is responsible for research into and teaching about urban issues against the backdrop of ongoing worldwide processes such as urbanisation, climate change, globalisation, and infrastructural and technological change.

Our research programme, Urban Futures, aims at better understanding urban systems and contributing to the future success of cities by paving the way for the transition towards a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable and liveable urban future. More about our research.

We educate the next generation of researchers, teachers, and policy makers in our highly appreciated bachelor and masters programmes. The department is part of the Netherlands Graduate School of Urban and Regional Research (NETHUR) for PhD researchers. More about our teaching.

To continuously keep improving our teaching programme as well as geography teaching at primary and secondary schools, the department has a research group specialised in geography education and a course programme for secondary school teachers. More about geography and education.

Facilitated by a dedicated societal impact programme we aim to have a significant positive societal impact through our research and teaching. More about our societal impact.