Economic geographer Pierre-Alexandre Balland joins Expert Panel advising European Commission

At the European level, politicians and policy makers have to take important decisions on increasingly complex issues. Dr. Pierre-Alexandre Balland, Assistant Professor of Economic Geography and Complex Systems, is part of the expert group of the Economic and Societal Impact of Research and and innovation (ESIR), a panel of experts that will advise the European Commission on the societal transition to sustainability, equality and digitisation.

ESIR aims to provide scientific assessments on key societal challenges by bringing together leading scholars, activists, politicians, policy-makers, and innovation experts in economic, social and environmental systems and their complex interconnections. The expert group will advise the European Commission on important issues in society. Our world is going through many transitions, and politicians need to make big decisions on fundamental issues within this transition. In making these kinds of decisions, there proved to be a lack of high level expertise, which the sixteen ESIR experts will bring.

For more information, please contact Pierre-Alexandre Balland.

Download ESIR Policy Brief No.1 on Recovery and resilience past COVID-19

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