NLP4Health is a broad platform on the topic of language processing in the health or medical domain in Utrecht University.  As such, it covers all areas that deal with automatic processing of language data in the health/medical domain, as well as other linguistic analyses of such data.

Laptop and stethoscope on table.

The main intention of this platform is to bring researchers working in the medical domain together with experts in linguistic processing and analysis, and to find synergies in the two areas. The activities of the platform include, but are not limited to:

  • Identifying and supervising thesis projects (bachelor and master AI) on topics related to language processing in the medical domain
  • Organising meetings, talks, and workshops on topics relevant to this area
  • Identifying joint research possibilities in the form of small or big joint grant applications

If you are a student or researcher interested in this area, want to be involved or represented on this platform, please feel welcome to contact Tejaswini Deoskar (with NLP4Health in the subject line please).

More information will be coming soon...