Globalisation and Global Governance

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This research theme studies long-term shifts in global affairs. International relations are increasingly shaped by global developments. Major security issues, economic interdependencies and international migration force us to think in global terms. These are not just issues of our time; it has been so since the heyday of imperialism, and has continued in ever changing configurations in the era of decolonisation, the Cold War and into the present day. We therefore argue that the recent rise of new states in the international arena, the conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere, and the postcolonial relations that shape the global order and inform global political discourses ask for historical analyses.


  1. A first line of research is the development of the processes of global governance, including issues of humanitarian intervention and post-conflict resolution.
  2. Secondly, we look at the interactions between Western Europe and the wider world, with an emphasis on the impact of Western imperialism and decolonisation.
  3. A third approach concerns the political developments in the Global South, in particular the problems of state building and democratisation, and the relationships in the postcolonial and Cold War global order. Our regional focus is on South and Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

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Focal points: Global governance | International institutions | Imperialism and postcolonialism | Humanitarianism | Global South