Master's History and Philosophy of Science at Utrecht University


TypeNameCoordinatorIntended Audience
Master's DegreeHistory and Philosophy of ScienceDr. David BanekeGraduate Students
MinorHistory and Philosophy of ScienceDr. Daan WegenerAll Undergraduate Students

Courses 2023-24

Course CodeCourse NameLecturerIntended AudienceBlock
FI-MHPSPSPhilosophy of ScienceDr. Guido BacciagaluppiGraduate Students (HPS and beyond)1
FI-MHPSTQWThe Quantum WorldDr. Guido BacciagaluppiGraduate Students (HPS and beyond)2
FI-MHPSPSTPhilosophy of Space and TimeDr. Niels MartensGraduate Students (HPS and beyond)3
FI-MHPSMCEHistory and Philosophy of the Earth and Climate SciencesDr. Robert-Jan WilleGraduate Students (HPS and beyond)4
FI-MHPSSRResearch seminar HPS (Foundations of Physics)Prof. Dr. F.A. MullerGraduate Students (HPS)All-year
FI-MHPSSRResearch seminar HPS (Philosophy of Science)Maura BurkeGraduate Students (HPS)All-year
FI-MHPSSRResearch seminar HPS (History of Science)Luca ForgiariniGraduate Students (HPS)All-year
BETA-B3MMSMaking Modern ScienceDr. Daan WegenerUndergraduate Students 1
BETA-B2FGNIntroduction to the Philosophy of ScienceDr. Niels MartensUndergraduate Students (Science)2
BETA-B2EMKEarly modern knowledges and the intercultural encounterDr. Daan WegenerUndergraduate Students 4