Utrecht has a long and rich history in history, philosophy & foundations of physics. Traditionally, our research strengths include:

1. History and foundations of quantum theory

Pablo Acuña*, Guido Bacciagaluppi, Maaneli Derakhshani*, Dennis Dieks, Stefano Furlan, Ronnie Hermens, Jan Hilgevoord*, Dick Hoekzema*, Marc Holman, Damon Moley, F.A. Muller, Thomas Müller*, Cristian de Ronde*, Michiel Seevinck*, Diana Taschetto, Pieter Vermaas*

2. History and philosophy of thermal physics

Janneke van Lith-van Dis, Carina Prunkl, Jos Uffink

3. History and philosophy of chronogeometry: space, time, gravity & energy

Pablo Acuña*, Viktor Blasjo, Dennis Dieks, Jeroen van Dongen*, Marc Holman, Frans van Lunteren*, Damon Moley, Niels Martens, Daan Wegener

4. History and philosophy of extraterrestrial physics: astronomy, cosmology, atmospheric physics & the space sciences

David Baneke, Maura Burke, Antonio Ferreiro de Aguiar, Rob van Gent, Albert van Helden, Marc Holman, Niels Martens, Damon Moley, David Skogerboe, Sanne Vergouwen, Robert-Jan Wille, Sabine Winters, Huib Zuidervaart*

5. History of knowledge and philosophy of understanding, focusing on physics

David Baneke, Floris Cohen, Luca Forgiarini, Sjang ten Hagen, Casper Hakfoort*, Henri Heijmans*, Frans van Lunteren*, Emma Mojet, Henk de Regt*, Harry Snelders*, Daan Wegener, Robert-Jan Wille

*starred names are currently not actively affiliated with UU History and Philosophy of Physics anymore

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