1st HPP-NL Workshop

Opening Speech of HPP-NL Workshop, by Niels Martens

History & philosophy of physics (HPP) in the Netherlands has been growing suddenly and enormously over the past year. In order to celebrate this and promote closer collaboration between the multitude of scholars, we are organising a full-day workshop on Friday the 1st of December 2023 at the Utrecht Science Park. All professors, lecturers and postdocs working within the field of HPP are invited to present their research. PhDs and students are welcome to attend the event. Registration has now closed.

The schedule consists of three parts:

  1. Pitch festival: everyone introduces themselves and their current research & research plans in a few slides (8 minutes per staff member/postdoc, 1 min transitions)
  2. Open discussion: seizing this new momentum by discussing opportunities for HPP in the Netherlands as a whole (e.g. rotating monthly seminar, collaborations, a website, summer schools, collective grant proposals, NNV, OZSW, etc.)
  3. Optional dinner downtown.
Manus Visser presents his research at the HPP-NL Workshop
Manus Visser presents his research at the HPP-NL Workshop

The venue, coffee, tea & lunch are generously funded by the Freudenthal Institute, Descartes Centre & Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies.

In case of any questions, please contact n.c.m.martens@uu.nl.







Pitch Festival

 Amsterdam (UvA)
10:30Jeroen van Dongen, Emilie Skulberg & Robert van Leeuwen
10:39Simon Allzén
10:48Sebastian de Haro, Enrico Cinti, Eline de Jong & Aude Corbeel
11:06Chaokang Tai
 Delft & UvA
11:15Teun Michels Biography (Friso HoeneveldAbel Streefland)
 Amsterdam (VU) & Leiden
11:33Frans van Lunteren
11:42Hans Radder
11:51Klaas Landsman (RCNP/ IMAPP)
12:00Henk de Regt (RCNP/ ISiS)
12:09Manus Visser (RCNP/ IMAPP)
12:18Kian Salimkhani (RCNP/ ISiS)
12:27Marij van Strien (RCNP/ CHPS)





Pitch Festival

13:30Leah Henderson 
13:39Sean Gryb
13:48Groningen Quantum Foundations Group (Simon Friederich, Mritunjay Tyagi & Isa Kooiman)
13:57Koray Karaca
 Utrecht (& Rotterdam)
14:06Guido Bacciagaluppi & BOHR21
14:15UPAC (Niels Martens, Antonio Ferreiro de Aguiar, Sanne Vergouwen, Antonios Papaioannou, Alex Fleuren, Elisabeth Hiller, M.C. BurkeKoen Peters)
14:33History of Knowledge: Physics, Astronomy & Meteorology (David BanekeDaan Wegener & Robert-Jan Wille)
14:51Liberal Arts & Sciences (Sjang ten Hagen & Emma Mojet)
15:00History of Mathematics Group (incl Geometry & Astronomy) (Viktor Blåsjö & Team)
15:09F.A. Muller (EUR & UU)





Open Discussion



Restaurant Djakarta

HPP-NL Workshop audience