Vlaming lab

Transcription by RNA Polymerase II produces all protein-coding and many non-coding RNA molecules in the cell. The Vlaming group aims to understand how productive transcription over long distances is achieved at protein-coding genes, and conversely, what drives early termination of RNA Polymerase II transcription at many non-coding loci. To this end, we use both advanced high-throughput screening and precise genome editing approaches, and combine this with cutting-edge nascent-RNA sequencing techniques. By deciphering the molecular mechanisms behind this key step in the transcription cycle, we can also study how it is misregulated in disease.

This shows a schematic overview of the interests of the Vlaming lab: finding the cis-acting DNA/RNA sequence elements and the trans-acting proteins that regulate the balance between early termination and productive elongation, and how those sequences and proteins cooperate.