Bachelor Projects at GBE

We offer BSc Thesis and Research Projects for students of the UU Biology Bachelor programme, and MLS students registered through Biology. Due to the high number of UU Biology BSc students, we may not be able to offer positions for external students.

The internship will consist of two parts:

  • You will write a theoretical literature thesis about a topic determined with your supervisor (duration: 7 weeks).
  • For the practical component (duration: 3 weeks), you will be assigned to a daily supervisor from one of the GBE labs.  You will learn about their ongoing research project and will carry out experiments within the context of this project. This practical component can also be computational, if desired. Finally, you will write a short report on the research performed in the lab.

We ask that you have participated in at least one level 2/3 course that covers the topics of gene regulation, transcription, chromatin, and/or genome biology before you start your project. Examples of such courses are Gene Regulation, Cellen en Weefsels, Genoombiologie, Molecular Cell Research, and Bioinformatics for Comparative Genomics.

If you would like to do your BSc Thesis and Research Project within the GBE division, please fill out this form:

We will inform you if you qualify and if there is space. We will provide further details a month before you start your bachelor thesis/project with us.

Looking for examiner for external project?

If you are planning to do your thesis and research project outside of the UU, you will need a UU examiner. If the topic of your work relates to the work we do in GBE, you can request that one of our group leaders serves as examiner. 

Make your request for a second examiner BEFORE starting your internship. You can put in a request by filling out this form:


After reading this, do you have any questions about Bachelor projects in GBE? Email us at

If your questions relate to Bachelor projects in general, please refer to the course website or contact the course coordinators.