Regarding the use of Generative AI, educators are advised to (Prather et al., 2023; Moorhouse, Yeo, & Wan, 2023):   

  • Recognize the presence of Generative AI in the classroom, whether its use is permitted or not; 

  • engage students in open discussions around the use of Generative AI (include its ethics and limitations); 

  • and explicitly state the classroom rules, detailing what is acceptable, what isn't, and the reasons behind these policies. 

Here, we provide some basic examples of policies as a foundation for creating your own course policy.

  • prohibitive sign

    Prohibitive (no use)

    “Students are not allowed to use advanced automated tools (artificial intelligence or machine learning tools such as ChatGPT or Dall-E 2) on assignments in this course. Each student is expected to complete each assignment without substantive assistance from others, including automated tools”. Duke Learning Innovation & Lifetime Education.

  • yes and no sign

    Neutral (acknowledgment)

    “All work submitted in this course must be your own. Contributions from anyone or anything else—including AI sources—must be properly quoted and cited every time they are used”. Duke University, reported in (Moorhouse, Yeo, & Wan, 2023). 

  • allowed sign

    Permissive (some use / unlimited use) 

    “You may use Generative AI tools for [specify allowable assignment types, e.g., homework assignments, problem sets, projects/papers, and exam prep], but not on [specify not allowable assignment types, e.g., for in-class work or on exams or quizzes]. It is your responsibility to avoid becoming dependent on AI tools in your learning such that you are unable to master the course goals, which [always/sometimes] require you to complete tasks and demonstrate skills without the use of AI tool assistance. [May explain additional allowances for using AI tools, e.g., you may use AI tools during the brainstorming or editing phases but not the drafting process of a writing assignment / you may use AI tools to help you understand and digest challenging readings but not in assignments, which test and enhance your understanding by asking you to apply those concepts to new contexts.]” or “In this course, you may use Generative AI tools for all coursework according to the following guidelines.”. Course policies on Generative AI use by Stanford University’s Teaching and Learning Hub.