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    The Open University organizes a workshop on Generative AI for programming education in higher education, which usually takes place at the Open University study center in Utrecht. The next event will be on May 28th. You can register for free by sending an e-mail to Ebrahim Rahimi ( 

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    Following a successful edition in 2023, the Dutch AI Congress returns on April 24th. The congress will spotlight the unparalleled opportunities and challenges of AI to advance the Netherlands socially and economically. During this congress you can explore the latest developments around the AI Act, sustainability, healthcare, ethics, education, and much more. Sign up

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    The 10th Dutch national symposium on software engineering (SEN) will be held at CWI, Amsterdam on Friday 7th June 2024. This symposium is organized by Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) in collaboration with Utrecht University. The symposium 2024 hosts a panel about a discussion on Generative AI in SE Education, this panel will take place from 16:00 till 16:45. You can register for the symposium on the SEN website, on this site you can also find the full program as well as more information about the event and the speakers.


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    AI Doesn't Change Why Kids Should Learn to Code (14-03-2024)

    There's lots of evidence that coding education across all ages enriches cognitive development, enhances educational outcomes, and prepares students for a digital future. As a society, we also face urgent ethical questions that require a fundamental knowledge of technology. Read the article on Psychology Today.

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    Navigating AI in the Classroom (06-02-2024)

    Generative artificial intelligence tools continue to grow in popularity. Here are four ways faculty members in higher education are teaching about or with AI.

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    Dutch government presents vision on generative AI (18-01-2024)

    The Dutch government emphasizes the urgent need to take action with a view to the opportunities and challenges of this disruptive and at the same time promising technology. Full statement can be found on the Dutch government website.