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Generative AI for Computer Science education

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    Report on the influence of GenAI on computing education

    An international group of researchers has written an extensive report on the influence of GenAi on computing education. The report includes an extensive literature study, results from a survey with teachers and students from across 20 countries, insights collected from in-depth interviews with 22 computing educators from five continents, a discussion of ethical issues, and a benchmark of the performance of GenAI on computing education datasets. The Robots Are Here: Navigating the Generative AI Revolution in Computing Education

Generative AI for education in general

UU theses

This section provides an overview of the theses research conducted by both master's and bachelor's students at the University of Utrecht in the field of Generative AI within Computer Science education. 

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    MSc thesis

    Next-Step Hint Generation for Introductory Programming Using Large Language Models  [link to thesis], by Lianne Roest. MSc thesis that has been published as an article.

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    BSc thesis

    The Touch Of Humanity: The Importance Of Computational Thinking Skills In Programming With ArtificiaI Intelligence, by Roel Groot. BSc thesis that has been published as an article “What Skills Do You Need When Developing Software Using ChatGPT?"