The Freudenthal Institute offers various professionalization activities for science teachers. A selection from our activities:

Activities for secondary school teachers

Activities for secondary and higher education teachers

Activities for teacher trainers

  • ECENT is the Expertise Center for Teacher Training in Natural Sciences and Technology
  • ELWIeR is the Expertise Center for Teacher Training Mathematics and Arithmetic


In 2020 the Freudenthal Institute will organise two summer schools:

In the Summer School Technology in Science Education, August 17 to 21, 2020, you will learn how to apply technology in the design of teaching in secondary and higher science education and how to study its effects, by closely observing student learning. Starting from your learning objectives, you will become acquainted with technology for orchestrating classroom interaction, using mobile technology in combination with shared virtual spaces, virtual and augmented reality and advanced simulations. Moreover, you will learn how to use camera observation, both as a tool for assessing learning and for providing feedback to teachers and students. The target audience consists of students (MSc and PhD), pedagogy researchers, educational university staff, and other participants with an interest in science education. Read more>>

The Summer School Mathematics Education, August 17 to 27, 2020, will focus on bringing participants up to date in curriculum development and research in the field of mathematics education, and refreshing and deepening the knowledge of mathematics education. Topics will include: curriculum development, revealing and building on talents of students, task design, classroom experiments and lesson study, contexts and tools for modeling, assessment, and the use of technology for teaching and learning mathematics. The target audience consists of Master’s and PhD students in mathematics education and the education and learning sciences with a strong interest in mathematics education, early childhood and kindergarten teachers, primary and secondary school teachers, teacher educators, curriculum and assessment developers, and researchers. Read more>>