The Public Engagement and Science Communication (PESC) group is part of the Freudenthal Institute at Utrecht University.

At PESC, we study how scientists can be effective and inclusive in their communication and engagement with society. Through our research and teaching, we develop an evidence base for science communication on complex problems such as climate change and public health.

The Public Engagement and Science Communication (PESC) group contributes to education and research for stimulating informal education and increasing scientific literacy for all in society. In addition to our research, we provide up-to-date science communication education for a variety of student cohorts. We are leading in national and international networks of science communication teachers and active in the area of open science and communication skills in higher education.

The main strategic aims of the PESC research group include:

  1. To provide excellent teaching in science communication;
  2. To increase the impact, visibility, and reach of our teaching and research within UU;
  3. To increase the international recognition of our research in Public Engagement and Science Communication.

Interview: science with and for society

Being appointed Professor of Oceanography and Public Engagement at the end of 2021 was a dream come true for Erik van Sebille. “Science communication is not about conveying the facts, but about an understanding of how science works.”

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