How can our children develop into well-balanced individuals?

Dynamics of Youth invests in our future. Inspired by societal issues, researchers from different disciplines integrate their expertise to answer crucial questions for future generations. How does the interplay between biology and environment determine how children learn to function in society?


Book cover with 'PhD' on it.
24 May 2016
Dynamics of Youth hosted a workshop designed to foster ties among young researchers, with Harvard professor Takao Hensch as guest of honour.
depressie onder jongeren
15 April 2016
Youngsters reach out too late when they feel depressed. Hopelessness is a symptom of their depressions: they incorrectly have no hope that treatment could help.
5 April 2016
95% of the boys between the ages of 12 and 15 states that they play games. Nearly 1 in 10 male gamers is addicted to playing video games.