Youth Education & Life Skills

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that globalisation and digitalisation have connected people, cities and countries in ways that vastly increase our individual and collective potential.

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    It has also made it clear that the same forces have made the world more complex and more uncertain. In this changing more diverse world, education is no longer just about teaching youth academic skills, but also about helping them develop the tools and skills they need to confidently navigate through this world.

    To promote equal opportunities, scientific research points to education and digital technology as preventative tools to raise awareness and build future global citizens. The impactful research of DoY researchers and hubs is a call for action to increase inclusion in light of the growing diversity of youth. It underlines the role of education to mitigate the effects of risks and uncertainty by equipping teachers, students and parents with the facilities, knowledge and skills necessary to cope with crises as they emerge, building their resilience in the process.

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