This is a list of the Bachelor's courses within the strategic theme Dynamics of Youth at Utrecht University.

All courses comprise 7.5 ECTS.

Courses in English:

  • Children’s Rights and Juvenile Justice (info)
  • Developmental psychology (info)
  • Lifespan Developmental Psychology (info)
  • Adolescent Development: Research, Policy, and Practice (info)
  • The Psychology of Learning and Teaching: Theory, Research, and Practice (info)
  • Spatial Cognition (info)
  • Emotional and Behavioural Disturbances (info)
  • Developmental Psychopathology (info)
  • Diseases of the Central Nervous System (info)
  • Developmental biology (info)
  • Persuasive Technologies (info)

Courses in Dutch:

  • Person and Family Law (info)
  • Risk Behaviour and Addiction in Adolescence (info)
  • History of Addiction and Drugs (info)
  • Addiction and Care (info)
  • Developmental Disorders of the Brain (info)
  • The Youth had the Future (info)

Other types of education within the strategic theme of Dynamics of Youth can be found in the education overview.