Dynamics of Youth is an open collaboration between scientists of a variety of disciplines who work together in research and education.

Dynamics of Youth aims to stimulate multidisciplinary cooperation between Utrecht University faculties. Transparency is the key – everyone who can qualitatively contribute to Dynamics of Youth objectives is welcome to participate. If you are interested to participate please contact executive director Petra van Dijk.

In addition, Dynamics of Youth overlaps with several focus areas of Utrecht University:

Data infrastructure

An increasingly important aspect of research in humans is the possibility to ensure anonymity of subject information. Dynamics of Youth anticipated these developments by creating a state-of-the art data infrastructure involving a campus-wide cooperation between the Department of Information Technology, the Julius Center, and the Information Technology programme of the UMC Utrecht.

Regional cooperation

In addition, Dynamics of Youth started important cooperation with the Trimbos Institute, GGD Region Utrecht, midwifes/obstetricians, and the Wilhelmina Children´s Hospital.

Education cooperation

Utrecht University also collaborates with a large school network.