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What is the Child Expertise Center about?

The best way to deal with social problems? Start with the children. Dynamics of Youth's hub, the Child Expertise Center, is about working together in order to better understand the many different aspects of (and factors that contribute to) child development.

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Great minds may think alike, but they also tend to think in various directions and from different points of view. They need a focal point in order to achieve great things together, be they scientists, entrepreneurs, teachers, students or innovators.

To fill this need, all four Utrecht University’s strategic themes have developed one or more 'hubs': breeding ground for innovative and interdisciplinary research in collaboration with various partners. The Child Expertise Center functions as a hub for Dynamics of Youth.

What happens at the Child Expertise Center?

As a central point and breeding ground for innovative and interdisciplinary research, the Child Expertise Center offers possibilities for collaboration between knowledge institutions, social organisations and businesses. Research within the Child Expertise Center is supported and propelled by the application of state-of-the-art infrastructure, such as shared data and lab facilities.

It provides, among others, the infrastructure for YOUth, a large-scale, long-term cohort study, which follows children and charts their development from before birth until the age of 18.  

How can your particular field of expertise help us get where we want to go?
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Crossing boundaries

The Child Expertise Center will be the focal point for innovative and cross-disciplinary research. Imagine what new and valuable knowledge will come to the fore if we overlap research that focuses on brain and cognition with research focusing on social-psychological and educational factors, and with research focusing on societal and cultural factors.

Projects on interdisciplinary themes

Within the Child Expertise Center, researchers will work together with societal and campus partners to develop new projects, revolving around interdisciplinary themes. These will form the core of our activities in the coming years.

We need you

Interested? Please get in touch. Because for these projects to thrive and our interdisciplinary Child Expertise Center to work we need you.

How can you join?

First and foremost: everybody can join. We invite you to discuss with us how we can get where we want to go, and how your particular field of expertise might help us get there. 

Please contact our executive director Petra van Dijk for further information about Dynamics of Youth: +31 30 253 67 80,

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