The ChildResearchCenter Utrecht (or in Dutch: KinderKennisCentrum (KKC) Utrecht) is the part of Utrecht University where research is conducted into child development in the province of Utrecht.

The ChildResearchCenter aims to use the results of its scientific research to deliver useable and practical insights for anyone involved in child development. As such, Utrecht University contributes to efforts helping children develop into independent and well-balanced adults. And it is a meeting place for the Dynamics of Youth community. See also the Dutch website about the ChildResearchCenter.

It provides, among others, the infrastructure for the YOUth cohort study.

Kinder Kennis Centrum

The ChildResearchCenter is an initiative of Utrecht University. The centre has been partly funded by Dynamics of Youth, a Gravitation Grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) and by means of cooperation with the Rudolf Magnus Brain Centre at University Medical Center Utrecht.

Large scale data infrastructure

The Child Research Center encompasses not only research facilities but also a large-scale data infrastructure.

Long-term storage of high-quality data, broad accessibility and transparency

The innovative and pioneering research of the Dynamics of Youth strategic theme requires the integration of a wide variety of data to create large multimodal datasets. Long-term storage of high-quality data, its broad accessibility, and the transparency of data use are essential for ensuring scientific integrity.

The combination of hardware and software allows the interdisciplinary Dynamics of Youth community to obtain and access data from different sources (from DNA in blood through brain activation to parent-child observations), to analyse and share data, and to store data systematically while complying with strict regulations regarding data reproducibility and participant anonymity.


Genevelaan 4-6
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