About Driven by Data

This website is a dynamic platform that offers a central entrance point for all who would like to learn more about the Utrecht University initiatives in research and education that are driven by data.

It also provides an overview of the initiatives that aim to facilitate the various Utrecht communities that need support in:

  • Furthering the digitalization of scientific research and scholarly practices;
  • Implementing the Open Science agenda;
  • Developing novel methodological frameworks for the processing of data and the modelling of complex systems and phenomena.

The web page is an initiative of the Data Science and Complexity Center (DSCC). DSCC is a collaboration of the focus areas Applied Data Science, Bio-informatics and Foundations of Complex Systems. It aims to establish connections between communities, to increase the potential for multidisciplinary collaboration, and to stimulate coherence of the educational programmes at Utrecht University. DSCC is coordinated by Prof Dr Franciska de Jong.