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What does the corona crisis do to young people?

The coronavirus outbreak is a major event, also in the lives of children and adolescents. How do adolescents experience the lockdown and its consequences? What is the impact of the corona crisis on their well-being? On the social and cognitive development of young children? What does the lockdown and partial start-up of education mean for their learning performance? In short: what does this young generation need in order to continue to develop optimally in these times of social detachment? Our scientists share their knowledge about this.

What impact does the corona crisis have on young people?

Chantal Kemner, developmental psychology

"Stress determines children's development. In order to know the impact of an uncertain time for children such as the corona crisis, we follow children during this period through additional research."

Expertise: developmental psychology
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Bjorn Wansink, educationalist

"Children need security, hope and a future. Talk to your child about his feelings, give him the facts he needs so his imagination doesn't run wild with him."

Expertise: Dynamics of youth

Tom ter Bogt, professor youth culture

"The measures affect young people more than other groups. Because this group is so connected to each other and this is normally a time when they go out, spend a lot of time together and also develop relationships".

Expertise: youth culture
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What does the lockdown do to families?

Catrin Finkenauer, professor youth studies

Catrin Finkenauer

"Really everyone has to reinvent life and that gives - especially in households with children - friction, arguments, irritation, impatience."

Expertise: family relationships | child abuse | parent-child relationships
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Inge van der Valk, youth and family researcher

"Forced sitting at home during the corona crisis is causing increasing tensions in many households. Especially in families whose parents were already in divorce. Online mediation can be a very effective tool."

Expertise: Divorce & children | Pedagogy & education 

What are the consequences of the increased use of screens by young people?

Ina Koning, researcher online behaviour youngsters

"Unlike other behaviors, such as alcohol consumption, parents benefit from their children being online. If parents have to work from home, it's convenient to have your child play games, wacht youtube or netflix."

Expertise: Online behaviour of young people |education
In the mediaWhat do we know about young people's screen habits and the problems they can cause?​
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What effect does home education have on children's development?

Jan van Tartwijk, head Education and Pedagogy

"At school, you not only learn to read and write, but you also learn to interact with each other. It's important that you don't neglect that."

Expertise: Applied Educational Sciences | teacher-pupil relationship
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