Utrecht Studies in Earth Sciences

Utrecht Studies in Earth Sciences (USES) is the main publication series in which PhD dissertations of the Departments of Earth Sciences and Physical Geography are published since 2011. Incidentally, other publications are also published in this series.

Below is an overview of all USES-dissertations with the Department of Earth Sciences (projects may be in collaboration with others). When applicable, a link is provided to the publication in the UU-repository.

USES PhD Title
203 E. Geerken Elements in foraminiferal shells as recorders of past climates
202 M.T.W. Schimmel Effects of pore fluid chemistry on compaction of sand and sandstone reservoirs: From experiments to potential applications and associated risks
201 A. Roepert Imaging element distributions within small marine calcifiers: a NanoSIMS perspective
200 N. Nijholt STEP faults and lithosphere dynamics in the Mediterranean
199 A.D. Özbakır Evolving plate boundaries in the Aegean–Anatolian region
198 M.A. Besseling Sources and genetic controls of lipid biomarkers involved in paleotemperature proxies
195 E. Korkolis Rotary shear experiments on glass bead aggregates: Stick-slip statistics and parallels with natural seismicity
194 R.P.J. Pijnenburg Deformation behavior of reservoir sandstones from the seismogenic Groningen gas field
192 W.K. Lenstra Dynamics of iron and manganese in the Black Sea and Baltic Sea
191 M. van Unen Integrating kinematics, mechanics of deformation, thermal modelling, and diagenesis in orogenic systems: the Dinarides example
190 M.J. Cramwinckel Trends and transients in climate and environment during the Eocene
189 E.K.L.H. Dearing
Towards reliable reconstructions of Pliocene terrestrial temperatures using branched glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraethers
188 M. Zhang Stress-strain-sorption behaviour and permeability evolution in clay-rich rocks under CO2 storage conditions
187 L.G.J. van Bree Sources and temporal variability of lipid biomarkers in Lake Chala (East Africa), with implications for their sedimentary record
185 M.R.T. Fraters Towards numerical modelling of natural subduction systems with an application to Eastern Caribbean subduction
182 E.M. Mezger Controls on sodium incorporation in foraminiferal calcite
181 F. Pohl Turbidity currents and their deposits in abrupt morphological transition zone
178 R. van der Ploeg Balance and imbalance: a middle Eocene perspective on coupled carbon cycle and climate change
177 T.M. Hoyle Biotic change and landlocked seas: ecosystem responses to climate and sea level variability in the Plio-Pleistocene of the Pontocaspian basins
175 A. Glerum Geodynamics of complex plate boundary regions: Insights from numerical models of convergent eastern Mediterranean and divergent east African plate tectonics
173 L.M. Boschman Reconstructing lost plates of the Panthalassa Ocean
172 A.H. Tavangarrad Experimental and computational study of unsaturated flow in a stack of thin layers; application to hygienic absorbent products
171 H. Aslannejad Imbibition into a thin porous medium: an experimental and pore-scale modeling study of coated paper
170 E.N. Kuiper Flow in naturally deformed ice: a cryogenic electron microscopy and modelling study of the NEEM ice core
169 S. Ní Fhlaithearta Calibration and application of foraminiferal based trace metal proxies in the Mediterranean Sea
164 I. Zarikos Pore-scale experimental studies of two-phase flow in porous media. Focusing on the discontinuous non-wetting phase
163 A.L. Hoving Redox properties of Boom Clay and their effect on reactions with selenium and uranium
162 K. Sant Changing Seas in the Miocene of Central Europe: chronostratigraphic and paleogeographic updates on Paratethys evolution
161 P. McPhee Preparing the ground for plateau growth. Central Anatolian uplift in the context of Tauride and Cypriot orogenesis
158 I.A. Mongol Akhir Khan Reactive transport and stable isotope fractionation of volatilized petroleum hydrocarbons in porous media: Experimental and numerical analysis
157 M. Koroni Studying global discontinuities using full waveforms
155 D.V. Palcu The Dire Straits of Paratethys: Dating, matching and modeling connectivity between the Miocene seas of Eurasia
154 N.A. Blom Towards imaging density using waveform tomography
153 M.P.A. van den Ende Microphysically based modelling of fault friction and earthquake rupture
151 X. Yin Pore-scale mechanisms of two-phase flow in porous materials; Volume-of-Fluid method and pore-network modelling
150 J. Limberger Thermo-mechanical characterization of the lithosphere: Implications for geothermal resources
149 W.-B. Bartels Pore scale processes in mixed-wet systems with application to low salinity waterflooding
147 D.A. Monsels Bauxite formation on Tertiary sediments and Proterozoic bedrock in Suriname
146 J. Wu Contributions of hydroclimate variability and associated North-African riverine fluxes to eastern-Mediterranean sapropel formation and related seawater circulation
143 T. Sweijen A grain-scale study of unsaturated flow in highly swelling granular materials
142 A. van der Boon From Peri-Tethys to Paratethys: Basin restriction and anoxia in central Eurasia linked to volcanic belts in Iran
139a D.G. van der Meer Atlas of the Underworld: Paleo-subduction, -geography, -atmosphere and -sea level reconstructed from present-day mantle structure
138 M.D. Gürer Subduction evolution in the Anatolian region: the rise, demise, and fate of the Anadolu Plate
136 N. Andrić Quantifying sedimentation in extensional basins and magmatism during continental collision
134 J. de Leeuw The sedimentary record of submarine channel morphodynamics
132 A. Balász Dynamic model for the formation and evolution of the Pannonian Basin: the link between tectonics and sedimentation
131 A.L. Lavecchia Continental rift formation and transition to ocean sea floor spreading: A case study of the Afar triple junction
130 S.E. Atkins Finding the patterns in mantle convection
129 D. Simon Gateway exchange, climatic forcing and circulation of the Mediterranean Sea during the late Miocene: A model perspective
128 W. Capella Gateway to a vanishing ocean: the tectono-sedimentary evolution of the Rifian Corridor (Morocco) and the Late Miocene isolation of the Mediterranean
127 F.A. Sulu-Gambari Impact of cable bacteria on biogeochemical cycling in sediments of a seasonally hypoxic marine basin
126 N. Dijkstra Phosphorus dynamics in the Black Sea and Baltic Sea
125 I.E. van Gelder Interfering orogenic processes derived from Alps-Adria interactions
124 E. Bakker Frictional and transport properties of simulated faults in CO2 storage reservoirs and clay-rich caprocks
123 L. Zhuang Advanced theories of water redistribution and infiltration in porous media; Experimental studies and modelling
122 J.M. Lammers Microbial carbon processing in present-day lacustrine food webs: A multidimensional approach using stable isotopes, membrane lipid chemistry and modelling
121 L.B. Stap Interaction of ice sheets and climate on geological time scales
118 T.K.T. Wolterbeek Impact of chemical and mechanical processes on wellbore integrity in CO2 storage systems
117 M.W.L. Monster Multi-method palaeointensity data of the geomagnetic field during the past 500 kyrs from European volcanoes
115 W.A. van Leeuwen Geothermal exploration using the magnetotelluric method
114 S. Kaboth Deciphering the paleoceanographic and paleoclimatic changes of the Gulf of Cadiz during the past 2.6 million years
113 M.J. Egger Anaerobic oxidation of methane and its impact on iron and phosphorus cycling in marine sediments
112 A. Rodríguez Volcanic lake systems as terrestrial analogue for sulphate-rich terrains on Mars
111 J. Liu Mechanical effects of sorption processes in coal and implications for coalbed methane recovery
109 N.T. Marshall Improving the age control of eastern Borneo's Miocene sedimentary record
108 D. de Vos The crustal and upper mantle structure around the Gulf of California, inferred from surface wave data and receiver functions
107 A. Grothe The Messinian Salinity Crisis: a Paratethyan perspective
106 H. Beddow Orbital forcing and climate response: astronomically tuned age models and stable isotope records for the Oligocene-Miocene
105 V. Lauretano Astrochronology of extreme global warming events during the early Eocene greenhouse climate
103 J. Frieling Climate, carbon cycling and marine ecology during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
100 M. Hoins Isotopic fractionation during carbon acquisition in dinoflagellates; a new proxy for pCO2?
99 A. Galić Unravelling atmospheric photolysis and ocean redox chemistry from Paleoarchean pyrite: a multiple sulfur and iron stable isotope study
98 A. De la Vara Fernandez Model analysis of the role of marine gateways in the palaeoceanography and sea level of the Miocene Mediterranean basin and Paratethys
96 P. Käufl Rapid probabilistic source inversion using pattern recognition
94 B. Mueller Shedding light on DOC release by benthic primary producers and its consumption by bioeroding sponges
93 E.C. Calignano Rheological and structural inheritance: key parameters for intraplate deformation. A study based on analogue models
92 D.A.M. de Winter Focused Ion Beam – Scanning Electron Microscopy applied to electrically insulating materials
91 T.Y.M. Konijnendijk 1.2 million years of climate change, globally and in the Mediterranean
90 B.A. Verberne Strength, stability, and microstructure of simulated calcite faults sheared under laboratory conditions spanning the brittle-plastic transition
89 M.S. Tilita Evolution of the Transylvanian Basin: inferences from seismic interpretation and numerical modelling
87 C.G.C. van Baak Mediterranean-Paratethys connectivity during the Late Miocene to Recent: Unraveling geodynamic and paleoclimatic causes of sea-level
86 R.W.L. de With Revisiting Earth's radial seismic structure using a Bayesian neural network approach
85 M. Hagens Impact of biogeochemical processes on pH dynamics in marine systems
84 N. Muhammad Deformation and transport processes in salt rocks: an experimental study exploring effects of pressure and stress relaxation
82 L.K. Buckles Unravelling sources and sinks of branched and isoprenoid tetraether membrane lipids in two lakes: implications for their use as geochemical tracer
80 W. Huang Paleomagnetic constraints on tectonic reconstructions of the India-Asia collision zone
78 F.M. Hennekam High-frequency climate variability in the late Quaternary eastern Mediterranean: Associations of Nile discharge and basin overturning circulation dynamics
77 T. Yudistira The crustal structure beneath the Netherlands inferred from ambient seismic noise
76 J. Chen Compositional, mechanical and transport properties of carbonate fault rocks and the seismic cycle in limestone terrains: A case study of surface exposures on the Longmenshan Fault, Sichuan, China
75 A.M.H. Pluymakers Frictional and sealing behaviour of simulated anhydrite fault gouge: Effects of CO2 and implications for fault stability and caprock integrity
74 I. Ruvalcaba Baroni Biogeochemical response to widespread anoxia in the past ocean
73 J. Vellekoop Bolide impact and long- and short term environmental change across the Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary
71 M.M.A. Elkelani Silurian and Devonian source rocks and crude oils from the western part of Libya. Organic geochemistry, playnology and carbon isotope stratigraphy
70 N.A.G.M. van Helmond Causes and consequences of widespread ocean anoxia in the past
69 C.M. De Freixa Leote Phosphorus recycling and availability in the Western Wadden Sea
68 M. Chertova 3-D numerical modeling of subduction evolution of the western Mediterranean region
67 S. Li Coupled electric and transport phenomena in porous media
65 M. Ghareh Mahmoodlu Oxidation of volatile organic compound vapours by potassium permanganate in a horizontal permeable reactive barrier under unsaturated conditions: experiments and modeling
64 V.N. Novak Larger benthic foraminifera in Miocene carbonates of Indonesia
63 N.K. Santodomingo Aguilar Miocene reef-coral diversity of Indonesia: unlocking the murky origins of the Coral Triangle
62 D.D.P. Bonté Thermal characterisation of sedimentary basins: implications for geothermal and hydrocarbon exploration in The Netherlands and France
59 M.Gholami Gharasoo Reactive transport simulations of microbial activity and biogeochemical transformations in porous environments - development and application of a pore-network model
58 A.H.W. Beusen Transport of nutrients from land to sea: Global modeling approaches and uncertainty analysis
57 S. Reich Seagrass mollusks as a model group for paleoecological and paleodiversity studies
56 M.-L. S. Goudeau Decadal to millennial time-scale climate variability in the Central Mediterranean during the Holocene:  a reconstruction based on geochemical proxies from high-resolution sedimentary records
55 J.H.C. Bosmans A model perspective on orbital forcing of monsoons and Mediterranean climate using EC-Earth
54 A. van Hoesel The Younger Dryas climate change: was it caused by an extraterrestrial impact?
52 G.M. Brouwers Ecosystem recovery after hypoxia: what can foraminifera indicate?
51 E. Di Martino Cenozoic bryozoans from Borneo
49 Q. Zhang Colloid transport, retention, and remobilization during two-phase flow: Micro-model investigation and modeling
48 S. Geilert Silicon isotope fractionation during silica precipitation from aqueous solutions - Experimental and field evidence
46 R.P.M. Topper A model analysis of atypical marine sedimentation in Mediterranean basins
45 M.M. ter Borgh Connections between sedimentary basins during continental collision: how tectonic, surface and sedimentary processes shaped the Paratethys
44 S.A.C. van Benthem Plate dynamics, mantle structure and tectonic evolution of the Caribbean region
43 M. Imran An experimental study of thermal and thermohaline convection in saturated porous media
42 G. Villiers Delta and fan morphologies on Mars as climate indicators
40 W.I. van de Lageweg Morphodynamics and sedimentary architecture of meandering rivers
39 C.J.R. Zeeden Improving the Neogene Tuned Time Scale
38 R.E. Bosboom Paleogeography of the Central Asian proto-Paratethys Sea in the Eocene: controlling mechanisms and paleoenvironmental impacts
37 L.V. de Groot High-resolution records of non-dipole variations in the intensity of the Earth's magnetic field
36 W. Stolk Robust high resolution models of the continental lithosphere: Methodology and application to Asia
34 N.K. Karadimtriou Two-phase flow experimental studies in micro-models
33 S.A.M. Hartog Frictional behaviour of megathrust fault gouges under in-situ subduction zone conditions
32 M.F. Hamers Identifying shock microstructures in quartz from terrestrial impacts: new scanning electron microscopy methods
31 D.L. Roerdink Geology and stable isotope geochemistry of Paleoarchean sulfur. Formation, preservation and geobiology of ancient pyrite and barite
30 F. Rickers Imaging the Earth's small-scale structure using full-waveform inversion: Theory and application to the imaging of mantle plumes
28 A.J.P. Houben Triggers and consequences of glacial expansion across the Eocene - Oligocene Transition
27 Y.-C. Zhang Coupled biogeochemical dynamics of nitrogen and sulfur in a sandy aquifer and implications for groundwater quality
26 J.C. Wit Calibration, validation and application of foraminiferal carbonate based proxies: reconstructing temperature, salinity and sea water Mg/Ca
24 K.A. Mitchell Biogeochemistry of selenium isotopes: processes, cycling and paleoenvironmental applications
22 E.E. van Soelen Reconstructing Holocene (sub)tropical climate and cyclone variability using geochemical proxies
21 F.J.G. van den Belt Sedimentary cycles in coal and evaporite basins and applications in the reconstruction of Paleozoic climate
19 E. Dombrádi Deformation of the Pannonian lithosphere and related tectonic topography: a depth-to-surface analysis
18 C. de Biase Numerical modeling and experimental analysis of volatile contaminant removal from vertical flow filters
17 G.R. Sadeghi Effect of geochemical conditions on the transport of viruses in groundwater
16 I. Munteanu Evolution of the western Black Sea: kinematic and sedimentological inferences from geological observations and analogue modelling
15 K.V. Stolpovsky Simulating the influence of dormancy on microbial community dynamics
14 J. de Vries Lunar evolution: a combined numerical modelling and HPT experimental study
13 J. Fernández Lozano Cainozoic deformation of Iberia: A model for intraplate mountain building and basin development based on analogue modelling
11 K.N. Ruckstuhl Dynamics and stress field of the Eurasian plate: A combined lithosphere-mantle approach
10 M.J.B. Cartigny Morphodynamics of supercritical high-density turbidity currents
9 S. Vollrath Microbial Fe(II) oxidation at circumneutral pH: Reaction kinetics, mineral products, and distribution of neutrophilic iron oxidizers in wetland soils
8 S. Hol Stress-strain-sorption behaviour of coal matrix material exposed to CO2
5 J. Brandsma The origin and fate of intact polar lipids in the marine environment
4 D. Ventra Basement and climate controls on proximal depositional systems in continental settings
3 C.J.C. Lefêbvre The tectonics of the Central Anatolian crystalline complex: a structural, metamorphic and paleomagnetic study