The Debye Spring School and DO! Days are part of the educational program of the Debye institute. The DO! Days and the Spring School are bi-annual events, which alternate each other. The main goal of the DO! Days is to achieve integration of the PhD students who work in the different sections of the institute, while the Spring School aims at improving knowledge about the research topics of the institute.

The themes of the Spring School concentrate around Colloids, Catalysis and Nanophotonics. The Spring School lasts 3 days. During 2 days there are lectures by renowned scientists both from universities and industry. On the 3rd day there is an excursion, mostly to an industrial plant. The DO! days last 2 days. On the first day a PhD student from each research group gives a talk on the research that is performed in his/her respective research group. The second day is for the excursion, again mostly to an industrial plant. In the evenings on both occasions there is an interactive debate session or an evening lecture, after which the bar opens for some more discussion. Both events are organized on a nice location, in the afternoons there is some time off to have a look at the surroundings.