Daniël Vanmaekelbergh, ERC Advanced Grant

Prof Daniel Namaekelbergh gives a lecture on condensed matter and interfaces, titled: 'Electronic materials with "light" electrons....a dream?'.

Daniël Vanmaekelbergh, Professor of Chemistry and Physics of Nanostructures at Utrecht University, is researching semiconductor crystals that are millimetres to centimetres wide, but a few millionths of a centimetre thin. These crystals are used in abundance for computer transistors, and as light-emitting devices and lasers. When nano holes are made evenly in such a very thin plate, a honeycomb structure similar to chicken wire can be formed. Electrons lose their mass in this, which in principle allows them to move nearly unimpeded and thus very fast through the honeycomb like elementary light particles.

Daniël Vanmaekelbergh
Daniel vanMaekelbergh

Vanmaekelbergh's research should lead to a new class of optic and electronic materials.