• Crystal and Structural Chemistry

    The Crystal and Structural Chemistry (CSC) group works in the field of structural biology and structural chemistry, applying and developing crystallographic methods for accurate three-dimensional structure determination. The overall goal is to unravel molecular interactions and reactions that underlie complex chemical and biological processes. The primary biological focus is on the mechanisms of molecular recognition and regulation underlying processes of biomedical interest as the activation of the human complement system, host-pathogen interactions, arrest of bleeding, and neuronal development. Principal investigators in this group are prof. dr. Piet Gros, dr. Eric Huizinga, dr. Loes Kroon-Batenburg, dr. Bert Janssen and dr. Martin Lutz.

  • Contact

    H.R. Kruytbuilding
    Padualaan 8
    3584 CH Utrecht
    The Netherlands

    Phone: +31 30 253 3502
    E-mail: science.secr.ks@uu.nl