Three missions with one stone: The Road Towards Circular Green Hydrogen Production

This interdisciplinary project aims to develop a cradle-to-cradle electrolyzer system for green hydrogen production, integrating material and chemical engineering sciences with innovation systems and circular economy principles.

The research will focus on addressing the challenges related to the massive upscaling of mining operations and the increasing demand for new raw and recycled materials. The project team will develop a solid grasp of the core material, manufacturing, and recycling challenges and the fundamental innovation dynamics driving and hindering the journey towards cradle-to-cradle electrolyzers, and hence green hydrogen production.

The results of the research will lead to concrete advice to the Dutch government and the European Union on how to stimulate circular economy practices for a just energy transition. The project fits directly within the Pathways to Sustainability theme and will contribute both empirically and theoretically to promoting and creating a mission-oriented circular economy and community.