Focus Energy and Resources

The group’s research focuses on transitioning to a sustainable energy and resource system, with special attention to integrating the efficient use of energy and resources with renewable energy supply solutions, at various scales.

Challenges analyzed in a variety of dimensions

In the E&R group the challenges are analyzed in a variety of dimensions: from fundamental material sciences, technology assessment, to governance, scale (local to global), time, and combining bottom-up and top down approaches.  The group has a strong track record in areas such as energy efficiency, sustainable bio-based production of energy and materials, future low-carbon power generation (including photovoltaics and carbon capture and storage), and energy modelling.

Finding sustainable solutions

The combined experience is integrated to develop important research directions, ranging from smart solutions to energy and resource use in cities, sustainable use of the underground, to the sustainable bio-based and circular economy, and the assessment of technologies in these future developments of the energy and resource system. To do so, the group uses a large variety of analytical techniques and tools, and builds on a multi-disciplinary group with scientists ranging from engineers to policy analysts, all dedicated to finding sustainable solutions for the future energy and resource system of our world.