31 July 2019
The Swaantje Mondt Fund offers foreign PhD candidates the opportunity to conduct part of their research at the CCSS, deadline extended to 10 November
18 June 2019
The new delay model will make it possible to calculate at any moment in time the likelihood of a severe disruption occurring.
Coen Teulings
3 June 2019
Prof Coen Teulings provides some food for thought on complexity in his research.
Result of the 'Battle of the Sexes' for one of the (less complex) networks
29 May 2019
During an experiment, groups of 20 people played the game Battle of the Sexes with other participants with whom they were connected through a network.
IJs bij Groenland.
2 May 2019
European grant for multidisciplinary research project TiPES: Tipping Points in the Earth System