Communication is studied at Utrecht University both from the perspective of language and of media. How do people use language to exchange information, to convince each other, or, for example, to express their emotions? Which media do we use for our interaction, how do media processes work in our present-day society and what is their historical context?

Areas of expertise: intercultural communication | comprehensible texts | communication technologies | audiovisual communication | digital media


1 March 2016
In this book, Paul van den Hoven discusses the art of rhetorical discourse analysis.
v.l.n.r.: Dr. Henk Pander Maat, prof. dr. Ted Sanders en prof. dr. Leo Lentz
17 August 2015
Leo Lentz, Henk Pander Maat and Ted Sanders have been awarded the Outstanding Article Award of the renowned Technical Communications journal.
Prof. dr. Hans Hoeken
17 July 2015
As of 1 September 2015 Prof. Hans Hoeken is appointed Professor of Communication and Information Studies at Utrecht University.