International networks

Utrecht University is an active member of various renowned international research and teaching networks.


Utrecht University is a member of the League of European Research Universities (LERU). The LERU is an association of leading research-led universities that share the same values and seek to use their cooperation to influence policy in Europe in the areas of research, teaching and innovation. The LERU universities advocate increasing the opportunities for ground-breaking fundamental research, promoting opportunities for outstanding teaching in a research-led environment and a better exploitation of the roles European research universities can play in innovation processes.

LERU members

Former rector Magnificus Professor Bert van der Zwaan has been a LERU board member since May 2014 and will be president of the board until 1 June 2018. Rector emeritus to be prof. dr. Henk Kummeling will be part of the LERU's Rector's Assembly from 1 June 2018 onward.


In the Utrecht Network, Utrecht University collaborates with 32 universities from 28 European countries. The Utrecht Network encourages student and staff exchange, both within its own network and with university networks outside Europe. The Utrecht Network collaborates with the fourteen universities of the Mid America Universities International Network and the seven Australian universities joined together in the Australian European Network.