Digital Family Project

Digital media have become indispensable in our daily lives. Especially adolescents generally spend a lot of time using social media and/or games. Their use takes place to a large extent at home and one of adolescents’ most important socialisation agents are their parents. Therefore, the Digital Family project’s main aim is to examine the interplay between adolescents’ (problematic) media use and aspects of their home context. We will answer questions such as ‘to what extent and how do general and internet-specific parenting practices influence the development of problematic (addictive) social media use?’ and vice versa. Such knowledge will contribute to a better understanding of what is going on in the family setting and will provide insights into effective parenting that guides adolescents’ towards healthy, non-addictive use of digital media.

Involved researcher


  • Interdisciplinairy Social Sciences UU (Regina van den Eijnden en Suzanne Geurts)
  • Clinical Child and Family Studies VU ( Ina Koning)