The future that youth are preparing for is increasingly online. In doing so, insufficient account is currently being taken of youth whose brains develop differently. Youth with neurodivergence such as adhd, autism, intellectual disability or learning disabilities are often more vulnerable and less resilient. At the same time, digitalization also offers new opportunities to participate in society.

The DigAble project charts what neurodivergent young people need to be resilient in an online society and how we can make use of the opportunities that lie ahead in a digital world for these young people.

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  • VU universiteit
  • Hogeschool Windesheim
  • Hogeschool Leiden
  • Practoraat mediawijsheid MBOmediawijsheid.nl
  • Oudervereniging Balans
  • Koninklijke Bibliotheek
  • NJi
  • Landelijk KennisCentrum LVB
  • Stichting Agora


This project is being carried out with funding from NWO's NWA programme 'Vulnerability and resilience in an online society'.