Brothers and sisters; How to stimulate a warm bond between your children

Broertjes en zusjes; Zo stimuleer je een warme band tussen je kinderen

The relationship between siblings is very special. For example, it is the most enduring relationship, and is involuntary. The sibling relationship also impacts the development of children and is therefore a relationship that warrants more attention.

For many parents, the transition from one child to two children is a considerable challenge. In this book, we describe how parents can ease this transition, but also the period afterwards. How can parents stimulate a warm relationship between their children? How should parents deal with fights between siblings? These and many other questions are answered by providing information and clear Do’s and don’ts.

The information provided in this book is based on the latest scientific knowledge in this field and therefore offers parents well founded guidelines for this wonderful but challenging period.


The book is only available in Dutch.