Behavioral research on children and monkeys

Foto Lize Kraan gemaakt in het Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht op 17 juni 2023
Photography Lize Kraan, Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht, 17 june 2023

On Monday, Sept. 4, the new University Museum Utrecht (UMU) officially opened. The UMU is the family museum for curious people. Here, visitors can experience how scientists conduct research and what it involves. Behavioral research on children and monkeys is one of the new items in the collection. Visitors get to find out for themselves in an interactive way how monkeys and children try to get what they want. This provides insight into the behavioral research of Dr. Marjolijn Vermande (Education and Pedagogy) and Prof. Dr. Liesbeth Sterck (Biology). The collection will be on view to the public starting Wednesday, Sept. 6, and admission is free for UU employees.

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