Seino Jongkees

Seino Jongkees

Dr. Seino Jongkees (b. 1983; PhD 2013; H-index: 6, publications: 12) is an assistant professor at the department of Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery. His group currently consists of 2 PhD students, with co-supervision of a third. Funding for his research into peptides and carbohydrates has come from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and a European Union Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowship. He is currently involved in teaching chemistry at the bachelors level for pharmacology students and in the college of pharmaceutical sciences program, as well as chemical biology at the masters level and group mentoring in the drug innovation program. He has also participated in the JSPS science direct high school outreach program.

Research in the Jongkees group is centered around the use of genetic code reprogramming, bio-orthogonal chemistry, and high throughput in vitro peptide display. Using these cutting edge chemical and biochemical technologies, he aims to define a new class of ligands for interrogation and modulation of the proteins involved in carbohydrate biology. These small de novo macrocyclic peptides decorated with non-canonical functional groups have exemplary affinity and selectivity, and are applicable across very diverse targets. Research in the group is focused on development of new methods for library modification, including new non-canonical amino acids to incorporate by ribosomal translation and new bio-orthogonal reactions for modification following translation, as well as application of these technologies to discover new chemical entities for biological studies and drug development. This involves synthetic organic chemistry, analytical studies of new reactions, biochemical characterisation of interactions with proteins, and in vitro selection to discover new peptides. For more information on my group, research interests and opportunities please visit my personal website.

Research focus areas: Macrocyclic peptides, post-translational modification, carbohydrate-active enzymes, high-throughput selection of chemically modified peptides, bio-orthogonal reactions, enzyme mechanisms and inhibition.

Jongkees group members: Minglong Liu, Vito Thijssen, co-supervision Thomas Wood

Selected publications (for a complete overview see my staff profile):

  1. Yoshisada, R.; van Gijzel, L.; Jongkees, S. A. K. (2017) Towards a tuneable retaining glycosidase inhibition motif by mimicry of a plant flavonol warhead. ChemBioChem, 18: 2333. DOI link
  2. Jongkees, S. A. K.; Caner, S.; Tysoe, C; Brayer, G. D.; Withers, S. G.; Suga, H. (2017) Rapid discovery of potent and selective glycosidase-inhibiting de novo peptides. Cell Chem Bio, 24:381. DOI link
  3. Jongkees, S. A. K.; Umemoto, S.; Suga, H. (2017) Linker-free incorporation of glycosides into in vitro displayed macrocyclic peptides. Chem Sci, 8:1474. DOI link
  4. Jongkees, S. A. K.; Hipolito, C.; Rogers, J. M.; Suga, H. (2015) Model foldamers: applications and structures of stable macrocyclic peptides identified using in vitro selection. New J Chem, 39:3197. DOI link
  5. Jongkees, S. A. K.; Withers S. G. (2013) Unusual enzymatic glycoside cleavage mechanisms. Acc. Chem. Res. 47:226. DOI link