Bijvoet Center 
The Bijvoet Center aims to further insight into the relation, at the molecular level, between the structure and the function/activity of biomolecules that are involved in recognition, interaction, and regulatory processes. To achieve this goal, the Bijvoet Center will maintain an advanced infrastructure and will provide high-quality research training programs for young scientists.

Marie Curie Fellowships 
Marie Curie Fellowships provide European placements for pre and post-doctoral researchers, usually up to the age of 35, and for experienced researchers. Fellowships are available in any scientific discipline that contributes to the objectives of the Fifth Framework Programme (FP5). Applicants to this activity are young and experienced researchers and host organisations in academia and industry.

Netherlands Proteomics Centre (NPC) 
The Netherlands Proteomics Centre (NPC) is a strategic collaboration of research groups from six universities, three academic medical centres and several biotech companies. With a scientific program addressing key areas of proteomics in 56 projects, and specialised ‘research hotels’, the NPC performs high-quality research and knowledge transfer in an international context. The NPC is part of the Netherlands Genomics Initiative.

Through the integration of several unique advances in microarray technology, Pamgene has created a revolutionary 5D-Pulse™ Microarray Platform with a host of advantages beyond existing microarray systems. Not only does it significantly improve workflow by accelerating assay turn-around time, it also provides a cost-effective flexible platform enabling easy assay development for applications based on proteomics, transcript profiling and genetic polymorphism detection. 

The Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences (UIPS) is the research division of theDepartment of Pharmaceutical Science of the Faculty of Science at Utrecht University. The scientific research of the UIPS centres on gene function and structure-function relationships of peptides and proteins that play a role in the recognition of molecules by the immune system and in signal transduction and integration in the nervous system.