The Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery group is involved in teaching several bachelor as well as master courses of the Pharmacy, Chemistry, Biomedical Sciences, and University College Utrecht curricula. The emphasis of our teaching is molecular properties and analysis of drug molecules. The CBDD group is also responsible for coordinating elective courses in which advanced organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, modern carbohydrate and peptide synthesis, chemical biology and bioorthogonal chemistry, molecular cell biology, and bioanalysis are taught in depth by our staff members, that reflect the research projects performed in our group.


We are continuously looking for highly motivated and skilled students (on bachelor and master level) who are interested for an internship to participate in one of our research projects. For an application, please send your curriculum vitae and a letter of motivation to one of our Principal Investigators (PI's) (see "Research"). After being selected you will be invited to have a short interview with our PI's to arrange the project and start of your internship.

Utrecht University students are advised to use Konjoin for internship applications. Available internships can be seen on Prof. Boons' page.