Research projects Centre for Energy Research

The Centre for Energy Research conducts research in order to develop a scientific based long term vision for  the energy supply from a number of disciplines: law (both public and private law), economics, governance and sociology, taking into account the technical character of the energy system. Energy policies lead to European and national laws and regulations, but technical restraints and habits form another major part of the definitive arrangements in the energy system.

The research is significantly directed towards the smaller parties in the energy system: the end users, both residential as commercial. The universal need for heat, light and power is the ultimate primary goal of all energy policies. Other policy considerations, such as national income from gas resources or the financial position of energy companies, are legitimate, but in the end secondary to the universal needs. However, for a proper understanding we take a systemic approach in our research, including both primary and secondary goals. 

The focus on end-users is the main characteristic of the research questions addressed and research partners of the Centre. Through regular workshops, we intend to establish an independent platform for open discussions between the various parties involved in the energy system and to unite them on the essential aim of the energy supply.

Projects in progress

Future research projects

Other projects are in preparation, with subjects as the fundamentals of program responsibility and the role of provinces and communities in the energy transition.

We invite you to share ideas for new projects with us. You can contact us here.